Lightweight, mobile, battery powered solutions for urban environments

About MAVERICK M-series

MAVERICK M-series solutions are low-power and quick to deploy. Suitable for both vehicle or dismounted deployment they utilise existing terrestrial transmitters to ensure constant comprehensive situational awareness in all conditions.

Key Features:

  • Early warning
  • All-weather capability
  • Day and night operation
  • Compact, lightweight, easy to deploy and transport
  • Battery powered for stand-alone operation
  • 360-degree constant surveillance
  • No moving components reduces deployment and maintenance costs
  • Multi-frequency band for flexible tethering to more transmitters
  • Capable of detecting wide range of target features
  • Scalable hardware design makes it simple to upgrade
  • Supported by our full-service offer which includes test, advisory and education services

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Comprehensive service, upgrade, training and support

Silentium Defence provides all the services essential to sustain or improve your system. Keeping your solutions fit for purpose throughout their service life.

  • On-site support
  • Hardware and software updates and upgrades
  • Wide range of training and simulation solutions
  • Post-design service
  • Service consultancy

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