Next generation software to optimise radar placement and operation


Validated for the MAVERICK product family, this new generation software helps you optimise radar placement and operation. Providing mission analysis, planning and performance prediction support. Can be implemented as a stand-alone tool or integrated with our radar system software to create on-the-fly performance prediction overlays on the radar display.

Key Features:

  • Can be applied across multiple domains land, sea, air and space
  • Provides performance prediction against:
    • Space two-line elements
    • User generated target trajectories
    • Varying altitudes
  • Easily Comprehended visualization
  • Stand alone tool for multiple users planning missions
  • Integrate with radar system software for on-the-fly performance prediction overlays
  • Validated for Silentium Defence MAVERICK product family
  • Supported by our full-service offering which includes test, advisory and education services

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Comprehensive service, upgrade, training and support

Silentium Defence provides all the services essential to sustain or improve your system. Keeping your solutions fit for purpose throughout their service life.

  • On-site support
  • Hardware and software updates and upgrades
  • Wide range of training and simulation solutions
  • Post-design service
  • Service consultancy

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