We are thrilled to welcome Zac Butler to the Silentium Defence family. Zac came on board in February 2019 as our Support Technician and has been a valuable addition to our Technical team and to our culture.

Zac’s background has primarily been with the ADF where he served in the Army for eight years before he was medically discharged in 2016.

Now a veteran, Zac’s transition from cams to company polos has been a great success both for Silentium Defence and for Zac in providing a means for him to continue to contribute to Defence and play a role in enhancing critical capabilities.

Zac’s story is a great example of the valuable role Defence SMEs can play in helping ex-servicemen and women transition from the ADF into meaningful and challenging roles within Defence industry.

Zac recently travelled to Canberra with our CEO Dr James Palmer for the WithYouWithMe National Careers Expo. The expo provided a great insight into the work WithYouWithMe is doing to help Defence members translate their valuable skills and experience to the civilian workforce and find their next role and employment.

Zac was able to talk to other veterans at the expo about his own experience transitioning to civilian life. You can read more about Zac’s experience at the WithYouWithMe National Careers Expo here.

Veterans are always on Silentium Defence’s radar as they understand the value and importance our ex-servicemen and women can provide to any organisation. As Zac mentions in his article, “Defence members offer a different mindset to the general population; we are adaptable and disciplined and have a work ethic that means we can get stuck in and get the job done.”


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