SpaceFest 2019 marked the biggest system deployment yet for our MAVERICK S-series passive radar with a 64-channel SSA-sensor demonstration.

We deployed the system on the Woomera Test Range in remote South Australia as part of the RAAF’s Spacefest 2019 – a joint demonstration managed by Defence Science and Technology Group designed to assess the current and future-state of SSA capabilities for Defence.

The ‘all seeing eye’ for space situational awareness (i.e. our world first ‘wide-field-of-view, wide area monitoring’ passive radar system for surveillance of space) didn’t skip a beat during the demonstration – operating in all weather conditions both day and night proving the value of comprehensive and consistent monitoring of Low-Earth-Orbit.

With more than 29,000 known objects currently in orbit around earth, most of these travelling at up to 28,000 km per hour, the ability to track range and rate of movement of these objects as well as predict orbits for both known and new RSOs is critical.

The insights gleaned from this demonstration will enable Silentium Defence to further enhance the S-series system capability as well as build on our growing catalogue of space object data to inform both Defence and civilian space industry advancements.

Here’s a short video from the RAAF Jericho Team explaining the impact and potential applications of SSA capabilities for the ADF and its allies [insert link to the Jericho video]

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