Silentium Defence has welcomed another new recruit to the team with the addition of radar modelling and simulation expert Daniel Finch.

Daniel brings more than 18 years’ experience in the design and development of modelling and simulation technologies, mostly for microwave and ship-born maritime patrol radar systems.

He is excited about applying his current skills and knowledge to the new and rapidly evolving passive radar segment.

Based in Melbourne, Daniel joins Silentium Defence from the Defence Science and Technology Group (DST) through its Industry Placement program. The ‘DST Industry Placement Scheme’ is a new initiative designed to develop DST scientists and engineers with improved knowledge and appreciation of the industry environment. It also aims to build stronger linkages between industry and DST and give industry access to critical research capability.

Daniel is excited about the prospect of getting hands-on experience within a fast-growing deep-tech start-up and SD welcomes his expertise to help further enhance its products and capabilities.

Welcome Daniel!

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