Redefining Situational Awareness

Introducing the MAVERICK M8 Passive Radar: Redefining Situational Awareness

Lightweight. Soldier-portable. Completely covert in operation. Silentium Defence’s MAVERICK M8 Passive Radar — the cutting-edge solution that will revolutionize the way you understand the world around you.

Experience the Power of Passive Radar

Gone are the days of relying on active radar systems that can be easily detected and jammed. With the MAVERICK M8, we introduce an entirely new era of indetectable surveillance. Our passive radar operates silently, without emitting any signals, making it virtually impossible for adversaries to identify and counter your capabilities.

The Ultimate in Stealth and Precision

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the MAVERICK M8 provides unmatched stealth and precision. It effortlessly tracks and identifies objects in the airspace, on the ground, and at sea, delivering real-time data without compromising your position or mission.

From drones to vehicles. Vessels to fast moving jets. Even targets that don’t emit. The MAVERICK M8 will detect, track and enable secure information sharing across multiple platforms (TAK, GVA, CAT62). Situational awareness. Anytime, anywhere, so you can protect what matters.

Key Features:

  • Unparalleled Coverage: Monitor vast areas with comprehensive coverage and simultaneously detect and track even the slightest of movements, ensuring no potential threat escapes your attention.
  • Multi-Domain Capability: From land, to air to sea — the MAVERICK M8’s versatility empowers you with a complete view of your operational environment.
  • Low-Cost Ownership: Our solution optimises costs without compromising on performance, giving you an affordable and highly effective solution for all your land tactical surveillance needs.
  • Highly Mobile: Lightweight, ruggedised and solider portable, the MAVERICK M8 is designed to withstand the toughest conditions and go where you need to go, with ease.
  • Supported by Silentium’s Mission Analysis Planning and Information Tool (MAPIT): User friendly software that enables performance prediction against various targets and effective passive radar site selection to achieve the mission objective.

Expand Your Sensing Horizon

This modular, scalable, passive sensor meets surveillance challenges across all levels of tactical operations.

With the rising use of unmanned autonomous systems like drones and unmanned ground vehicles, silent, always-on protection to safeguard your forces, has never been more critical.

Unlike active radar, MAVERICK M8 operates silently, without emitting any signals. It stealthily detects low and slow as well as high, fast-moving objects, even those that don’t emit any signals. Stay ahead of potential threats with low signature, continuous, accurate surveillance and early warning capability.

Multiple Applications Across the Battlespace:

  • Ground based air defence (GBAD) – providing silent surveillance and target detection, early warning, and the ability to cue active radar sensors and effectors for fast, final-stage target detection and elimination.
  • Littoral Surveillance: Secure coastal regions, nearshore waters, and maritime chokepoints with unwavering vigilance.
  • Counter UAS in Urban Environments: Safeguard your airspace even in crowded urban settings. Detect, locate, and track drones back to their source, all while reducing false alarm rates and ensuring pinpoint accuracy.
  • Force Protection: Elevate the safety and security of military personnel and assets, both stationary and on the move.

Low Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP)

Deployed from backpack to operational in less than seven minutes, MAVERICK M8 is a lightweight, installation and datalink agnostic sensor, which can be mounted on a multitude of platforms including drones, vehicles, vessels, masts, or soldier-portable deployments.

Providing instant, hemispherical coverage – MAVERICK M8 gives you eyes on, always. Where you need it. When you need it – 24/7.


Maximum Component Weight


Minutes to Deploy



Stand Alone or Network of Sensors

For greater coverage and improved geo-location, MAVERICK M8 can be operated as a stand-alone system or as part of a broader network of sensors.

Distributed sensors in a mesh network configuration provides lower electromagnetic signature, great resilience, and increased survivability.

Used By:

  • Multiple Defence Forces around the globe
  • Research organisations – including DARPA, Duke University, Defence Science and Technology Group (Australia)
  • Commercial customers (tactical surveillance solutions)

Take the First Step Towards Enhanced Situational Awareness:

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