Maritime & Littoral Surveillance

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Unleash the power of persistent, covert surveillance with MAVERICK M8 passive radar

At the forefront of naval defence innovation, the MAVERICK M8 Passive Radar is a game-changer in littoral surveillance and in-port protection of Navy fleets. Lightweight. Soldier portable. Deployed in minutes. No electromagnetic signature and completely covert in operation.
The MAVERICK M8 passive radar is engineered to safeguard your maritime assets in the littoral region at sea and in port, so you can protect what matters.

Maritime & Littoral Surveillance

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What sets the MAVERICK M8 apart?


The MAVERICK M8 system operates without emitting any electromagnetic signals. This means it remains completely undetectable to potential threats and does not interfere with existing communication systems. Whether you’re in an Emissions Control (EMCON) environment or conducting covert operations, the M8 ensures you and the platform remain invisible, giving you the upper hand in any situation.


Perfectly Balanced: We understand the constraints of naval operations. The MAVERICK M8 system is designed to be compact, lightweight, and incredibly power efficient. Its streamlined build makes deployment quick and hassle-free, so you can focus on what truly matters: protecting your assets. It can be deployed on deck and used for protection without needing to power off the ship or mount to the ship’s infrastructure.


The MAVERICK M8 is your unwavering guardian, providing eyes-on when active radar systems cannot be used. In port, close to the coast or in EMCON environments, MAVERICK M8 maintains situational awareness against threats on land, in the air or a sea.

The Ultimate in Stealth and Precision

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the MAVERICK M8 provides unmatched stealth and precision. It effortlessly tracks and identifies objects in the airspace, at sea, and on the ground, delivering real-time data without compromising your position or mission.

From drones to vehicles. Vessels to fast moving jets. Even targets that don’t emit. The MAVERICK M8 will detect, track, and enable secure information sharing across multiple platforms (TAK, GVA, CAT62). Situational awareness. Anytime, anywhere, so you can protect what matters.

Key Features:

  • Unparalleled Coverage: Monitor vast areas with comprehensive coverage and simultaneously detect and track even the slightest of movements, ensuring no potential threat escapes your attention.
  • Multi-Domain Capability: From land, to air to sea — the MAVERICK M8’s versatility empowers you with a complete view of your operational environment.
  • Low-Cost Ownership: Our solution optimises costs without compromising on performance, giving you an affordable and highly effective solution for all your land tactical surveillance needs.
  • Highly Mobile: Lightweight, ruggedised and solider portable, the MAVERICK M8 is designed to withstand the toughest conditions and go where you need to go, with ease.
  • Supported by Silentium’s Mission Analysis Planning and Information Tool (MAPIT): User friendly software that enables performance prediction against various targets and effective passive radar site selection to achieve the mission objective.
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Crucial Maritime Surveillance

Passive radar can play a crucial role in port and littoral surveillance, from monitoring and securing coastal regions, to surveillance of littoral waters, and maritime including chokepoints.
By deploying passive radar systems strategically along the coast, littoral surveillance operations can benefit from enhanced stealth detection, improved coverage, and reduced risk of detection and interference. Passive radar’s capability to detect targets without emitting signals makes it particularly valuable for monitoring sensitive coastal regions and maintaining maritime security.

Multiple applications. Protection without compromise:

  • Coastal Monitoring > Passive radar can be deployed along the coastline to monitor air and maritime activities near the littoral region. By using existing TV broadcasts as illumination sources, the system can covertly detect and track aircraft, drones, ships, and other vessels operating in the area.
  • Maritime Domain Awareness > Passive radar enhances maritime domain awareness by providing continuous surveillance of littoral maritime traffic without emitting detectable signals. This information is valuable for detecting and tracking suspicious or unauthorised vessels, potential threats, or illegal activities such as smuggling or piracy.
  • In-Port Counter-Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) > Passive radar can be used to detect UAS targets, helping protect maritime platforms from improvised threats while in-port and moored.
  • Port Security > Passive radar can be used to monitor maritime traffic near ports, helping to ensure port security and preventing unauthorised vessels from entering restricted areas.
  • Monitoring Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) > Passive radar can aid in monitoring and protecting these areas from illegal fishing, smuggling, or other unauthorised activities.
  • Operational in EMCON environments > Passive radar can complement active radar systems used in littoral surveillance. As the system doesn’t emit it can operate in EMCON environments, presenting no electromagnetic signature and providing a radar feed without the need to transmit.
  • Reduced Interference with Civilian Traffic >In littoral areas with high civilian maritime traffic, using passive radar minimises interference and potential disruptions to civilian infrastructure compared to traditional active radar systems.


Maximum Component Weight


Minutes to Deploy



Single Sensor or Network Operation

MAVERICK M8 can be operated as a stand-alone unit or as part of a network with several sensors, providing greater coverage and improved geo-location.

Rapid Deployment, Straight Into Action

With low Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP), MAVERICK M8 offers rapid deployment across most tactical scenarios.

Deployed from a backpack to operational in less than seven minutes, MAVERICK M8 is a lightweight, installation and datalink agnostic sensor, which can be mounted on a multitude of platforms including vehicles, vessels, masts, or soldier-portable deployments. Providing instant, hemispherical coverage – MAVERICK M8 gives you eyes on, always. Where you need it. When you need it – 24/7.

Used By:

  • Multiple Defence Forces / Government Customers around the globe
  • Research organisations – including DARPA, Duke University, Defence Science and Technology Group (Australia)
  • Commercial customers (tactical surveillance solutions)

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